10 сложных слов чтобы набрать выше 7 баллов в IELTS

В данном видео мы делимся 10 сложными словами уровня advanced, которые вы можете использовать в письменной части и на интервью по говорению.


1. ACUTE – severe, critical

This acute issues around taxes should be tackled by the government.

2.  ENHANCE – improve, develop, elevate

I need to enhance my skills in order to be proficient in my field.

3.  EMERGING – developing, growing

Growing: emerging markets

Developed: prosperous and with a strong welfare

4. PROFICIENT – expert, skilled

I am a proficient specialist.

5. AMBIVALENT – uncertain, unsure

The government was ambivalent whether it should be for or against tariffs.

6. (to be) EAGER – passionate, enthusiastic

I am inclined to believe/ to conclude..

7. MODEST – satisfactory, unexceptional

Modest steps have been done by company  to gain this place.

8.  DISCORDANT – opposite, contradictory

Between two discordant sides of the world

9. MUNDANE (issue) – unexciting

It is a mundane topic that is discussed by wider public.

10.  TRIGGER – activate, stimulate

Continuous education triggers successful career.

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